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Details about what this solution includes:

  • A jQuery plugin
    This plugin is used to contain the markup and behavior of the new people picker control. It is also responsible for finding the default people picker(s) on a page and hiding them.
  • Additional Page Head Control
    This is the mechanism for adding the jQuery plugin into the site content. The AdditionalPageHead control is a container located on *most* master pages, and allows content to be 'injected' into the HTTP response.
  • A WCF Service
    The service is used to search for users. There is not a lot to it - it essentially uses the same underlying conventions to query users as the default people picker. Except it returns JSON instead of XML, and adds in some stuff like grouping and email search.
  • A user image proxy page
    A user's profile image is usually part of their 'mysite' site, which is usually a separate URL from the current site being used. The different URL can easily cause multiple authentication prompts for end users, depending on their browser configuration. To avoid annoyances like this, the proxy page is used to serve user images so all traffic from the client is going to the same base URL.

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