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  • Why is this needed?
  • Short answer: Because the default people picker is an abomination. For a more expanded answer, check out the [History] page.

  • Why not just a jQuery plugin?
  • There are 3 main reasons:
    • Although CSOM could probably substitute for the custom WCF service, having the WCF service in place opens up more possibilities for searching users, as well as caching potential, additional security layers, etc.
    • The additional authentication prompt for user images originating from mysites is really annoying - so that is thrown in and requires a server-side solution.
    • Most people pickers are on pages that are not easily extensible - like layouts pages. A jQuery plugin by itself is not enough when it comes to replacing those types of people pickers.

  • How can I change the style?
  • The easiest way would be to include a new stylesheet or add to an existing one the CSS classes that are used by the people picker plus control. Use a CSS inspector to check out the dynamically generated one and have at it.

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